Signs Running Through Our Veins

There’s John. He set up the business getting on for 25 years ago. Just at the time digital technology was opening up lots of new angles for creating signs.

Calling up help when needed and steadily building a loyal customer base, that’s how things stayed until the next generation came of age. Enter John’s son, Ross and then daughter Laura. Ross can easily be confused with John; they sound the same, fit into the same boiler suit and have the same attitude to getting the job done. Laura adds a little extra creativity and organisation in the office.

Along with our team, we are the family who care about giving Herefordshire and beyond the very best in signage and visual communication.

Meet the team


Ross is the boss and mainly the calm one. He is always out and about meeting customers, quoting customers, and telling Laura to stop talking. When not at work (which is not very often) he likes a good game of football and eating out.


Laura is the ‘Idea Hub’ of Signs and Labels. She has a brainwave at least twice a day. Day to day she multi tasks in between quoting, drawing, accounts, HR, business development and keeping us all on our toes. Out of work she is usually off somewhere with her boys.


John can often be found in the workshop or up a ladder, (never in the office). When not at work he is thinking about work but apart from that he is a keen traveller and is often driving across the county in his camper van.


Gareth has a healthy obsession with detail and keeps us organised and in check! When not at work Gareth likes to make things; art, hand painted signs and sheds. Check out his Instagram page @theeurwynboat


James is our cutting machine man and makes sure all those signs are cut/routed to perfection. He is normally out the back under a pile of sawdust. James is also our very strict health and safety officer. When not at work James loves practising his carpentry skills and a bit of hot yoga.


Carsten AKA Carlos is the Master of Vehicle Graphics. We will not mention anything about cutting of thumbs. In his spare time Carsten is a dad to four and when he gets time loves a game of darts.


Leon can often be found alongside John - not always on the golf course we should add! Think of the chuckle brothers but a lot more professional. Leon is super practical and more often than not he is out and about installing all of those signs!


Luke joined the S&L team in 2022 with 10+ years experience in the sign industry under his belt. Luke splits his time, joining John and Leon with installations or beavering away in the workshop.


Jess is our visual creative and joined the team after completing her Masters in Fine Art. Jess is the 'go to' for getting your ideas down on paper, transforming them and bringing them to life!


Owen is our print operator and juggles our two large format printers. He is patient man with the ever changing flow of jobs!


Noah joined the team in March 2024 as a 'Trainee Sign Maker'. In his spare time Noah is a member of the canoe club. He also enjoys downhill mountain biking and skateboarding. If that wasn't enough, he also has a passion for DJing and often has various sets at different raves and events.


"Ferg" or "Fergus" when he is being naughty is our beloved office dog.

Giving A Little Back

In October 2020 Laura’s 5-year-old son George passed away from a DIPG brain tumour. In his memory, our family have a dedicated fund to celebrate his short and special life, ‘George’s Fund’. All money will be used to promote the interests of Herefordshire’s young children.

Please visit for more information or to donate.

The fund is set up via Herefordshire Community Foundation (where Laura is a trustee). Herefordshire Community Foundation is an independent charity making a real difference in and for our county.

Our Values

Go with our Gut

Numbers do not lie, whether we are looking at profit, employee productivity or something else but when making decisions we think trusting our gut instincts are just as important. If we think something just doesn’t feel right or it will have a negative impact, we won’t do it. We will know who our competitors are and what they are offering but we will NEVER follow suit just because. Everything we do will be true to us and our business.


We want to think big and this requires vision, innovation, and execution. We never settle – in anything we do, we challenge our ideas of what is possible to better meet the needs of our customers. By being ‘innovative’ we want to be curious and creative and push some of the boundaries. We will continue to invest in ourselves, our team and our business whether that’s with new machinery, better systems, new team roles, we will always seek improvement.


We believe that working as a team creates a friendly and loyal atmosphere. By working together and having close-knit relationships will motivate us to be more supportive and work harder and smarter. We all possess different talents, weaknesses, habits, if we work together, we can all achieve our end goals. We are all equal – If you see someone struggling, help them, give each other feedback and most of all work together..


Sometimes things will go wrong, and mistakes will be made but we must use this as an opportunity to learn. We will express gratitude for jobs well done and we will remain optimistic during difficult situations. We will appreciate all the little wins. Smile - even when we don't feel like it.

green leaf

We're Green too!

We are constantly seeking out alternatives and up to date materials and methods to help our customers choose a greener option.

We can print and cut ‘Xanita’ board in-house which is a sustainable fibreboard where the inner core is 100% repulpable, ultra-lightweight and nontoxic. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this material and encourage all our customers to consider it as a greener option.

We also supply environmental substitutes to our core range of foamex and correx board, please ask for a cost comparison.

Our waste and recycling management is constantly being reviewed and by using local company Pedicargo we can be rest assured we are in the best hands.